Roads and Highways

Having made a lot of research in the area of quality roads, cost of construction, needs assessment as well as getting the right equipment and technology for the construction of roads, Buruuj Construction has established the necessary plants, equipment and human capital to diversify its portfolios in 2012. Buruuj has invested in establishing Asphalt Plant in order to produce quality material used for the roads construction. Our civil engineering construction team has been providing roads construction solutions since 2012. We have an excellent reputation for producing quality work, having talented and experienced staff, and having a clear commitment to delivering on client expectations and timelines. Having the necessary resources for roads construction, Buruuj is taking a holistic approach in delivering first class road construction services.


  • Assessment and improvement of asphalt properties
  • Determination of asphalt component quality and suitability (bitumen, aggregates also secondary)
  • Development of new road products, including rollpave and road materials
  • Assessment of damages to (overheated) asphalt
  • New Road survey
  • New Road construction
  • Widening an old existing road
  • Planning and building drains and culverts
  • Interchanges
  • Overpasses, and/or bridges.
  • Existing Roads maintenance and repair
  • Management for road and highway projects.
  • Tollways and expressways
  • Highways and arterials
  • Access and haul roads
  • Tunnels
  • Runways
  • Embankments
  • Paving car parks and driveways


  •  HMA batching plant (SLB 20000B), equipped with the cutting edge technology, it has the capacity of producing 160 tons per hour, it’s Eco- friendly, and probably it is the first factory with that specifications ever built in Somalia.
  • Big large crawler paver (SAP200C-5), which has the capacity to pave 14m wide road.
  • Medium & small tyre paver (SAP100T-5), which can pave 9m wide road.
  • Pneumatic tyre roller (SPR260-5). It’s 26tons machine it has been built to give a good compaction.
  • Tandem roller (drum roller) STR120-5 simply it’s one of the best compacters in the world.
  • Asphalt hotbox truck (CLYB-5000), very efficiency maintenance and repairing asphalt truck, equipped with all necessary tools and machines, like road cutting machine (demo saw), crack filling machine and a small compacter (wacker), this asphalt truck can maintain, repair or build a new pavement of up to five tons job and it’s first of a kind here in homeland Somalia.

Buruuj, as one of Somalia’s leading high- way contractors, we consistently distinguish ourselves through top-quality workmanship and cost-effective solutions to the complex logistics that are an everyday part of dliverables. We are committed to providing our clients with end-to-end project solutions that deliver high quality results utilising cost-effective methods which have been refined through our extensive experience. Buruuj maintains its equipment fleet, professional expertise and as a result it can handle any size road for development or paving project. Buruuj is a subsidiary of Hormuud Telecommunication Inc. Buruuj shareholders are about 6,000 while it employs over 1,000 permanent staff. Buruuj’s massive investments in roads construction equipments and plants are clear testimony of its capacity and project delivery assurance. Whatever your project, you can count on us to deliver consistent, high-quality results at a very cost-effective rate.