Buruuj Construction and Real Estate Company was incorporated in 2009 with the objective of providing a world class construction services as well as ensuring it is within the affordability range of the Somali people-who really are in dire need of affordable housing and office solutions.

Today, the company is full fledged Construction and real estate service provider in Somalia. Buruuj specializes in residential, commercial and institutional construction solutions. As construction and real estate Company, Buruuj is well equipped to undertake the most sophisticated and complex technical construction projects and to direct and manage the works from design to handover. Buruuj is a well established mid tier company with an exceptional skill sets in undertaking educational, commercial, multi level residential and industrial constructions as well as design and construction projects throughout Somalia.

The company is in the process of attaining ISO 9001:2000 quality assurance and applicable environmental, health and safety certifications for construction, design and project management.








Qualified staff


“To be the prefered choice in the provission of construction and real estate services in the Horn of Africa.”


“We strive to deliver products and services that are in line with global standards, best practices, highest quality in the most practically viable time frame.”


Buruuj is well respected construction and real estate Company. This is due to its reputation in respecting project timeframes and quality assurance. Quality is a phillosophy of success at Buruuj. As a result, the company undertook several major projects in Djibouti, a neighbouring country.


We are sensitive when it comes to our reputation in construction and real estate. We are bringing our wealth of experience to projects we undertake in delivering quality results in often challenging environments where access is tricky and sometimes even hazardous by avoiding the countless hindrances and disruptions to services at all costs.

With years of safety and risk analysis expertise, Buruuj itself means we can safely deliver new buildings and upgrade them as well. Proper planning, close client liaison and ‘just in time’ logistical management are the hallmarks of our approach.

We give all our projects 100% attention to satisfy our clientele. With safety always our first priority, we bring teams to these projects who are capable and confident in working in challenging environments.

We are also highly experienced in working within the time constraints given and accessibility challenges presented. With our skilled, multi-disciplined engineering and design teams and our reputation for working seamlessly with suppliers, we are rapidly growing our reputation as the best choice in construction and real estate in Somalia.

Excellence, resourcefulness and responsiveness are our main guiding company values that have not only led to this solid reputational base but also expanded our market share tremendously. Since we began operations, we have had hundreds of construction contracts throughout our geographic scope which includes south and central Somalia including Mogadishu and parts of Djibouti.


Buruuj Construction and Real Estate is a privately owned & operated company. We assist our clients and those whom we consult to realise their full potential and dreams. We put dream projects into reality and help our clients gain sense of satisfaction, pride and happiness.

Our staff has extensive construction experience. We value interfacing in management and ensure effective communication, both internal and external. We have the talent and strength in quickly understanding the vision of the client and develop the most time & cost efficient method to implement. We do this to help our clients realise sense of one-stop-shop. We deliver the whole package!. Buruuj continuously invests in equipments and mechinaries and the construction technology in order to remain relevant and on top of the industry trend and its dynamics. Buruuj is positioning itself to become the preferred choice of construction and real estate solution provider that uses accumulated experience from its past projects and provide value to clients.

Besides investment in technology, Buruuj also operates its own plant to produce high quality construciton material that ensures overall project quality and optimal delivery. Buruuj imports only the necessary, and produces the majority of its construction material itself- this has created sizeable number of jobs in the country.