Water infrastructure is fundamental to the survival of healthy, thriving communities and Buruuj helps keep it flowing. From planning and design management through construction, commissioning and maintenance, Buruuj has the credentials to deliver the infrastructure needed for secure, safe water supply, constructing dams, pump stations, pipelines and treatment plants as well as drilling new wells. We draw on our extensive pool of specialist resources – civil, mechanical, process and electrical engineers, alongside commissioning specialists, to deliver and test water projects for our partners. Demand for water is always increasing as communities expand and producers of food rely on irrigation to support farm production, especially in the drier regions of south central Somalia. The members of the staff of the well drilling section are well organized professionals who are able to perform their duty in a way that is systematic:

  • Surveying the area intended to drill the well
  • Making data collection
  • Analyse the data
  • Make geo-physical survey, if needed
  • Prepare the report
  • Then decide the perforation of the borehole.


  • Rig Model TT5250TZJPC-600, Model Year 2010, Selling Date: Sep. 2010, Max depth 600m
  • MASSENZA – HYDRAULIC DRILLING RIG MODEL MI28, MAX DEPTH 700M Model Year 2017, Selling Date: Feb. 2017
  • Sullair Compressor mounted separate Nissan Diesel 4×4
  • IVECO water tank vehicle 14 capacity.
  • SINO with Crane of 10 metric ton capacity.
  • Pick-up Toyota Black Color.
  • Special Instruments for Measurement purposes: TDS, Salinity, Conductivity and pH Meter, Water level meter, Gate Valve, Stop watch, GPS map 62S and others.



# Services
1 Hydro-geological and geological data collection
2 Drilling method and cost evaluation
3 Drilling works and supervision
4 Hydro-geological and lithological observation
5 Determination of aquifer characteristics
6 Borehole construction
7 Casing and screen
8 Cleaning borehole and filling Granite Bur gravel
9 Pump testing and determine SWL and yield of the borehole
10 Determining the submersible pump installation and energy source
11 Well site cleaning and wellhead construction
12 Water tank and water kiosk building
13 Laying pipe lines for water distribution
14 Water well monitoring
15 Full hydro-geology report